SEA CHANGE ~ An exclusive look at the Mystic Cheese Company’s newest release!

Change is upon us! The days have already grown noticeably shorter. The bright greens of the summer leaves are becoming muted and we are waking to cool mornings as the summer season breathes its last slow breaths in the final … Continue reading

Boozy Strawberry Ice Cream

2014-06-25 19.13.20

Strawberries + Booze + Ice Cream… what’s not to love?  In developing this recipe, Chef Carrie Cowles opted for Grand Marnier, an orange-flavored cognac liqueur, but you could substitute Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur or Amaretto for an almond flavoring. Strawberry season was late to arrive … Continue reading

PODCAST: Herbal Magic, Summer Solstice, and Gardening by the Moon

2014-06-22 15.35.29

Show topic: Join us for our first on-location show! We’re at the Coventry Regional Farmer’s Market Summer Solstice Faire talking herbal magic, Celtic solstice celebrations, and gardening by the moon with Ms. Faith McCann of Enchantments. and SUBSCRIBE via iTunes or Stitcher … Continue reading

PODCAST: The Connecticut Farmers’ Market Trail

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Show topic: The Farmers’ Market Trail links 15 of Connecticut’s premier destination farmers’ markets… special places across Connecticut well stocked with farm-fresh foods and those made with passion using local produce, where one will meet people who enjoy creating things that matter. … Continue reading

PODCAST: Container Gardening (No Yard? No Problem! Get Growing!)

Container Garden Shopping

Show topic ~ Container Gardening is one of the fastest growing segments of gardening. Containers can be grown where traditional gardens can’t: apartment balconies, small courtyards, decks, patios, and areas with poor soil. You can grow food or flowers, or an appealing mix of both! … Continue reading

PODCAST: From Concept to Execution ~ Creating a Successful Food-Based Event

Creating Food Based Events

Show topic: Have you ever thought about organizing a food-based event? Pumpkin Festival? Chili Cook-off? Farmers’ Market? Community Supper? Craft Beer Tasting? Like that! On today’s Connecticut Food & Farm show, we talk with experienced organizers in Connecticut and beyond about … Continue reading

PODCAST: Our Favorite Organic Seedling Sales


Show topic: Our favorite sources for healthy, organically grown seedlings for your garden. LISTEN NOW! and SUBSCRIBE via iTunes or Stitcher Radio Show hosts: Winter Caplanson, Executive Director, Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market Karen Gilbransen, Marketing Director, Willimantic Brewing Company Our Guests: … Continue reading

Brunch: Poached Eggs, Cheese & Chive Biscuits, and Ramp Beurre Blanc

2014-05-02 17.34.35-2

Have you met beurre blanc? This simple, butter-based, emulsified sauce is delicious with eggs and practically any fish or seafood. A good sauce enhances the flavor of so many foods and turns an ordinary dish into a gourmet experience. Though the recipe calls for wine, we … Continue reading

PODCAST: Creating a Home Orchard & Our Garden Designer’s Favorite Fruit Trees

orchard (1 of 1)

Let’s say you’ve established a garden at your place… could an orchard be next? In this podcast, garden specialist Caroline Finnegan talks about how to establish and care for a home orchard and shares a list of her favorite fruit … Continue reading