Let’s say you’ve established a garden at your place… could an orchard be next? In this podcast, garden specialist Caroline Finnegan talks about how to establish and care for a home orchard and shares a list of her favorite fruit trees, now readily available in local nurseries.


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PRUNUS X `SHIRO` (Semidwarf 12-15’)This tree produces a medium-size yellow plum that ripens early and is very juicy. The tree is hardy and very productive.

PRUNUS `SATSUMA` (Semidwarf to 12’) The Satsuma plum has medium to large, round, dark red fruit with a small pit. The firm, juicy fruit has a sweet and lovely flavor that is excellent for fresh eating, cooking, canning or preserves. It ripens in early to mid-season. Pollinate with Shiro.

PRUNUS `ELEPHANT HEART`   (Standard to 20’) Large baseball-size plums. This variety was developed by Luther Burbank and introduced to home gardeners by Stark Bro’s in 1929. Sometimes called a blood plum because of its dark red flesh. Fruit is juicy, flavorful and freestone. Excellent for eating fresh or canning. Tree thrives in arid and semi-arid areas. Ripens in September. Best pollinators: Redheart, Shiro, Ozark Premier or Starking® Delicious™.


PRUNUS X ‘LAPINS’ Lapins Sweet Dark Cherry (Semi-dwarf 15-20’) Self-fertile, semi dwarf cherry tree. Delicious fruit, bears heavily in late July/August. Excellent pollinator for other cherries.


PRUNUS `BLUSHINGSTAR` (Dwarf 8-10’)Vigorous, highly productive trees produce medium to large, freestone, white fleshed peaches with maroon skin which ripen late in season. Flavorful peaches are excellent for fresh eating and store well. Self-pollinating.

PRUNUS ‘CRIMSON ROCKET’ COLUMNAR (Columnar – 16’ tall x 6’wide) Full size, yellow flesh. Ideal dessert peach. Grows 16 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

PRUNUS ‘SATURN’ (Dwarf 8’-10’) Flat, doughnut shaped, white flesh, freestone peaches 2 to 3 inches in diameter.


PRUNUS `HARDIRED` (Semidwarf to 12’) Hardired nectarine ripens in early August with a smooth skin that is 90% red. It has yellow, freestone flesh that has good texture and flavor. The tree is vigorous, very productive, and resistant to brown rot and bacterial leaf spot. Hardired is known for its excellent hardiness.

STARK CRIMSON SNOW –(Dwarf or Semi-dwarf to 14’) Snow white flesh with crimson skin. Good for fresh eating, cooking and preserves.


APRIUM ‘FLAVOR DELIGHT’ (Semi-dwarf 12-15 Feet) cross between apricot and plum. East to grow, self-pollinating, but bigger fruits if apricot tree nearby.

FICUS CARICA ‘VERNS BROWN TURKEY’ (10’-12’) Great in a container, bring in to garage in winter in colder areas. Can be planted in protected area of garden.

AMERICAN PERSIMMON – DIOSPYROS VIRGINIANA Native tree, bears plentiful tropical tasting fruit. BUY A NAMED VARIETY. These are easy to grow, but buying a named variety makes it easier to select the correct tree for your home.
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