The NEXT BIG STEP for many young farmers is buying their own farm after a few years of growing at a farm incubator project or leasing land. But, the most effective path toward buying agricultural real estate is very different from purchasing a home. Listen to learn how to find the property that has the infrastructure and attributes you need (like prime soil), understand the municipal regulations that will affect you, and finance your farm!


20130905-IMG_0385Show hosts:
Winter Caplanson, Executive Director, Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market
Karen Gilbransen, Willimantic Brewing Company

2014-03-25 21.13.44Our Guests:
Mitchel Colgan, Colgan Farm
Jason Hoagland, Farm Credit East
Jeanne Crum, Home Selling Team
Phillip Chester, Lebanon CT Town Planner

Show music: Poor Old Shine

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