About CT Food & Farm Photographer

Who I am

Winter Caplanson led the legendary Coventry Regional Farmers Market from startup to stardom as a founder, its executive director, and head of marketing. For more than a decade, she has connected the dots by creating content that tells the stories of the local food movement to people who support it.


Connecticut Food and Farm began as a local-food blog, radio program, and podcast. As Winter Caplanson gathered and told the stories of the local food movement, she realized that to market their products well, many of the producers and purveyors she was covering needed access to the same kind of high quality photography that was being contributed to create content for Connecticut Food and Farm. So, Connecticut Food and Farm added a commercial identity offering professional photography to the agricultural and food service industries.


Connecticut Food and Farm captures iconic photos that can be used by farm, food, and handcraft businesses to attract more customers and build a more professional and profitable digital brand.


Why choose CT Food and Farm?

As the soapmaker who founded Sleepy Moon, Winter Caplanson understands the business of handcraft. From her many years as a leader in the local food world, she is a familiar figure to a lot of farmers and chefs and is as comfortable during dinner service in a hot kitchen as she is ankle-deep in mud in a pasture. She knows them, knows their businesses, and knows how to reach the customers that will appreciate what they are doing. She uses photos to create iconic images that connect the dots and boost sales and delivers images quickly so they can be used for in-the-moment sharing.